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Who we are

Transfoam is a professional manufacturer of various types of foam molds. With many years of production experience and a skilled team, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality, reliable and customized foam mold products.
If you are looking for a reliable foam mold manufacturer, we are more than willing to be your partner. Please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with high-quality products and services to meet your needs.

We Are The Best

Our rich experience, customized service, high quality and high efficiency can make us the best choice for customers to choose foam mold factory. If you are looking for a reliable foam mold manufacturer, welcome to contact us, we will provide you with the most professional service.

Why Choose Us

High-quality products

We provide high-quality products. Using state-of-the-art technology and workmanship ensures excellent precision and consistency in mold production.

Excellent customer service

We provide customers with excellent service, including timely delivery, accurate order processing and positive communication.


We can provide customers with molds of different types and specifications to meet the different needs of customers. Customers can get all the molds they need under one supplier.

Reasonable price

We offer reasonable price, which is competitive in the market. We provide high-quality products at reasonable prices in order to bring greater benefits to customers.

Customer Reviews

The product quality of this mold factory is very good, and the dimensional accuracy of each mold is very high. We have been using their molds for our products and never had any issues. Their service team is friendly and always in good communication. We are very grateful for the excellent service and support they have provided us.
Stephanie Smith
We ordered several complex molds from this mold factory, and their engineers actively communicated with us and provided us with very good solutions. Their manufacturing process is very advanced, and the processing of each mold is under strict quality control. We are very happy with the molds they made for us.
Roberto Carlos
The service of this mold factory is excellent, they are able to provide customers with fast, accurate and professional service and support. We needed a new mold in an emergency and they responded quickly and made us a high quality mold in a short amount of time. We are very grateful for their service and support.
Alexander Smith

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