Manufacturing method of foam mold edge chamfering device

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The utility model discloses a foam mold edge chamfering device, which comprises a fixed block, a power cord and a cutting resistance wire for melting foam. A pair of limit rods are arranged at intervals at one end of the fixed block. There is a connecting rod, the two ends of the cutting resistance wire are respectively fixed on the connecting rod on the corresponding side, one end of the power cord is connected to the connecting rod, the cutting resistance wire is set on the limit rod, and the ends of a pair of limit rods are provided for A pair of dowels that snap onto the foam mold. The chamfering device heats and melts the foam by cutting the resistance wire to realize uniform chamfering, which is easy to operate and high in processing efficiency. The chamfering device is positioned by the positioning rod, and the chamfering is not easy to appear waves, and the chamfering is smooth.
The edge angle of the foam mold is mostly 90 degrees, and the edge of the metal mold produced is very sharp, which is easy to scratch the operator and poses a safety hazard, so it needs to be chamfered.
Aiming at the deficiencies of the existing technology, the technical problem to be solved by the utility model is to provide a foam mold edge chamfering device, so as to achieve the purpose of easy chamfering operation.

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