Unveiling the Ultimate Efficient Solution for EPS/EPP Mold Cleaning!

Dry ice cleaning machines use high-pressure gas made from solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) to clean mold surfaces.

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As is well known, molds are a crucial component in the production process of EPS products. They are like the sculptor’s chisel, precisely shaping the styrene material into exquisite products.

Just as a chisel needs regular sharpening, molds also require regular cleaning and maintenance. Prolonged use may lead to issues such as mold surface dirt, rust, and pore blockage.

Real-life Case

Based on the actual cases encountered in our client’s factories, we’ve found that in some regions with poor water quality, a mold may start to show signs of rust after just a few months of use.

Some clients who neglect mold maintenance also quickly face pore blockage due to untimely cleaning of scale and dust, which in turn affects product quality and production efficiency.

Consequences of Mold Rust and Pore Blockage

The rust and blockage caused by long-term use can lead to several consequences:

  1. Decrease in product quality: Pore blockage can affect the molding quality of EPS products, possibly leading to rough product surfaces, defects, or bubbles.
  2. Reduced production efficiency: Blocked pores can lower mold ventilation performance, affecting the efficiency of ventilation during production, leading to longer molding cycles and reduced production efficiency.
  3. Shortened mold life: Rust and pore blockage can cause increased surface damage and wear to the mold, thereby shortening its lifespan and increasing the frequency and cost of mold replacement.

Traditional Solutions

To address the issues of mold rust and blockage, we had no choice but to soak the mold in special solutions for 10-20 hours (depending on the mold size) and then rinse it with a high-pressure water gun. Not to mention this method’s low efficiency, which significantly impacts daily production, it also severely affects the lifespan of the mold.

Our SolutionOur Solution

As a manufacturer with over 20 years of deep cultivation in the EPS/EPP industry, our technical staff has been dedicated to solving this stubborn problem. After conducting on-site visits to client factories, customer surveys in various domestic factories, and participating in national machinery industry exchange meetings, we discovered the ultimate solution to extend mold life—dry ice cleaning machines.

How Dry Ice Cleaning Machines Work

Dry ice cleaning machines use high-pressure gas made from solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) to clean mold surfaces. During the cleaning process, dry ice particles are blasted onto the surface to be cleaned, quickly cooling the dirt and grease and causing explosive expansion, stripping the dirt from the surface (allowing thorough cleaning of molds and machine equipment surfaces without disassembly).

Advantages of Dry Ice Cleaning Machines

  1. Damage-free cleaning: Dry ice cleaning does not damage the surface of EPS molds, avoiding the damage that chemical solvents or mechanical cleaning might cause.
  2. Eco-friendly: Dry ice cleaning does not produce chemical waste or harmful gases, as dry ice particles turn into carbon dioxide and are released into the atmosphere after cleaning.
  3. Efficient and fast: Dry ice cleaning quickly removes dirt, saving cleaning time and improving production efficiency.
  4. Thorough cleaning: Dry ice particles can penetrate tiny cracks and crevices in the mold, thoroughly cleaning every corner of the mold surface.
  5. Cost savings: Compared to traditional cleaning methods, using a dry ice cleaning machine can save on cleaning agents, labor, and cleaning cycles in the long run, thereby saving costs.

Our experiments have shown that using a dry ice cleaning machine can complete mold cleaning in 2-4 hours, an 80% efficiency improvement compared to traditional cleaning methods!

One-stop Solution

Additionally, dry ice cleaning machines can help you clean molds and address minor rust and dirt issues on various industrial machines, thereby extending your equipment’s life without causing any damage. If you’re concerned about the source of dry ice, we can also provide you with a complete dry ice production line, including dry ice making machines.

We look forward to cooperating with you!

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