What are the process requirements for lost foam molds?

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The lost foam mold manufacturing process has relatively strict requirements on production conditions, and the quality of castings is more sensitive to the function and stability of raw and auxiliary materials, and various conditions cross-effect, the law is more complicated, and it has not been clarified so far.
Just because the process planning is more sensitive and the rules are more complicated, the lost foam casting is basically one-by-one discussion and one-by-one planning for specific castings. Therefore, it is required to do:

(1) Raw and auxiliary materials including foam beads, adhesive glue, paint, dry sand, etc. should have stable sources, stable components, and stable performance.
(2) The function of the oscillating table should meet the requirements of dry sand vibration filling the chaotic inner cavity of the white mold, and the white mold should maintain a stable size and shape.
(3) The cooling method of dry sand and old sand including processing temperature and processing flow rate must meet the requirements for the white mold not to be deformed by heat.
(4) The bonding of the white mold dies should be firmly aligned.
(5) The thickness of the coating should be uniform, so it is required that the coating should have good coating properties, leveling properties, air permeability, strength at room temperature and high temperature, collapsibility, etc. (it is recommended to use a coating leveling machine).
Lost Foam Mold
(6) The white mold is required to have high precision, high hardness, good wear resistance and high stability. It is recommended to use the whole white mold as much as possible and reduce the number of mold pieces and bonding gaps.
In addition, there must be a group of responsible engineers and technicians who are proficient in the basic principles of lost foam mold casting and production operation details, and who can plan and manage. They must be able to match specific castings according to different raw materials, different structures, and different sizes. Process parameters and requirements.

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