Features of Foam Mold

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Features of foam mold:

  1. Foam molding is to pre-foam the plastic raw materials of EPS/EPO/EPP into granules, and then send the granules to the mold, heat them with high-temperature steam, squeeze them tightly, and the surfaces of the granules are bonded to each other to form a whole.
  2. You can’t do it without a foam injection molding machine. You can only use plates for cutting and processing. There is no skin on the surface and it is not very smooth.
  3. The expansion ratio is to expand the plastic raw material from small particles to large particles. The volume ratio is about the reciprocal of its density. For example, if the expansion ratio is 50 times, the density is 20g/L. The larger the ratio, the smaller the density , the lighter, but also the smaller the strength.

Advantages of foam mold casting:

  1. The size and shape of the casting are accurate, the repeatability is good, and it has the characteristics of precision casting;
  2. The surface finish of the foam mold casting is high;
  3. The foam mold does not fit the box and does not take the mold, which greatly simplifies the molding process and eliminates casting defects and waste products caused by mold taking and box closing;
  4. The sand treatment system is greatly simplified, all the molding sand can be reused, and the molding sand preparation department and waste sand treatment department are cancelled;
  5. Foam mold shakeout is extremely easy, which greatly reduces the workload and labor intensity of shakeout;
  6. Foam mold castings have no flash and burrs, which reduces the cleaning and polishing workload by more than 50%;
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