How are foam packaging products made?

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Let’s first popularize science on how foam packaging is produced. Foam packaging is made of expandable polystyrene (EPS) raw materials through molds and heat-processed. The packaging products made are commonly known as ‘foam’. Various packages are made by pressing and mold processing, which is foam packaging. Then let’s look at how to manufacture foam packaging products:

  1. First, design a three-dimensional drawing of the product according to the samples or drawings provided by the customer. Make mold design according to customer requirements. Process requirements and manufacturing and processing methods finally determine the mold processing plan and material selection.
  2. After the plan is determined, the 2D drawings of the product will be produced, and the foam model will be made by the model master.
  3. The model is handed over to the foundry to cast the mold base and parts.
  4. After the mold blank is cast, the programming engineer will make the processing program, and the CNC machining center will process it.
  5. After processing, each core, cavity, and spare parts are finished, and the accuracy and size are checked for correctness.
  6. After each part is completed, the assembler assembles the scattered parts together. Thus, a complete set of molds is completed, and whether the final factory inspection is qualified, a complete set of molds is thus completed. The samples that pass the trial mold can be sent to customers.
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